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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Junayeed Choudhury (JC), owner of JCVD – Valeting & Detailing. My passion for detailing started over 4 years ago. I recall having a conversation with a friend whereby he asked me if I was interested in having my vehicle at the time (pictured on the right – F10 M5) detailed. I reviewed the process that it entailed and thought I would not bother and instead carry on as normal.

I was one of those people that would take their car to the local car wash to have it cleaned. Years later, I realised the damage this had done to the paintwork. I noticed the gloss had started to wane and also noticed scratches and swirls all over the paintwork! This really dulls the appearance of the vehicle. To some this may not seem important; for those of us that are passionate about cars, this is a big issue! It was from this observation that my interest in detailing started.

Not to take anything away from the car washes that are based all over the country, but the issues stem from the fact that they use the same wash media on every single car that they clean on that day. The mediums they use inevitably collect dirt, grime and loose debris.

Imagine having a palm full of dirt, grime and loose debris stuck to your hand and you then rub this all over your paint work. The outcome is inevitable – SCRATCHES! This leads to the dulling of your paintwork over a period of time along with UV degradation due to the clear coat on your vehicle becoming damaged. This is why detailers exist, as the methods used protect your vehicle from scratches/swirls and the degradation of your paint work.

I began by detailing my own car and then gradually extended my services out to friends and family. Hence; here I am today to offer my services to like minded individuals, that take pride in their cars. A well maintained/detailed vehicle is likely to sell better. One compliment I received when I sold my vehicle in the summer of 2018 to its new owner was, “The interior looks brand new!”.

This is something that I am passionate about and as the saying goes - “Do what you love and love what you do!”

I am based in Mill Hill, North West London and offer a range of valeting and detailing services. Please visit my gallery to see some of the work that I have carried out to date and feel free to contact me about the services that I offer.


Junayeed (JC)

BMW F10 M5
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